Zip Line Punta Cana – An Unforgettable Experience!

Zip Line Punta Cana es una actividad obligada para aquellos que buscan explorar y descubrir la belleza de este paraíso caribeño. ¿Estás listo para experimentar la emoción de volar por los aires y volar sobre el hermoso paisaje de Punta Cana? ¡Nuestros increíbles tours de aventura ofrecen una experiencia inolvidable! Con nuestros guías experimentados y equipos de primera línea, puede estar seguro de que su aventura será segura y emocionante. ¡Únase a nosotros en un recorrido hoy y viva la emoción de Zip Line Punta Cana!

Zip Line Punta Cana

For the ultimate adventure in Punta Cana, try our 12-line zip line course! Our mountain course also has 18 platforms and is home to the two longest lines in the Dominican Republic and in the Caribbean.

Capacity: LIMITED
PICK UP TIME: 7:00 / 10AM / 1PM

You’re safely attached with climbing gear to the double line cables with the longest one being 800 meters long!

What to Expect Zip Line Punta Cana

Star at the Welcome Center where our expert canopy guides teach you all you need to know about the ride and the equipment, and covers a safety review. Then, it’s time for the zip lining fun to begin as you reach the first platform and then zip your way over the beautiful jungle landscape.

Why Choose Runners Adventures?

The longest Zip Line Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and the only one in the country with a side-by-side cable. Certified yearly by ACCT.
Duration: 5 Hours

Whats Included Zip Line Punta Cana?

All equipment and training
Experienced guides
Hotel pickup and drop-off
Use of helmets
Fresh fruits

Visit one of the longest Zip Line Punta Cana in the Caribbean, and the lengthiest in the Dominican Republic. Sway across distances as you’re suspended up to 800 meters in mid-air.

Landscapes come undone on your quest to find the hidden treasure resting inside Anamuya Mountain.

Stunning 18 platforms and 12 zip lines, spread across a lush tropical mountain range. Experience an unrivalled frenzy gliding skin deep across lavish jungle vegetation.

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