La Hacienda Park Punta Cana

The Hacienda is a private estate or ranch of more than 2.5 million square meters that offers the performance of 7 activities in a safe environment, Polaris Buggies, Horseback Riding, Safari, Zipline, Quick Jump, Chairlift and 100% Dominican Buffet.



Capacity: LIMITED

Once the clients arrive at La Hacienda, where they are received by our staff, they are divided into small groups, where they all carry out the different activities in the order that corresponds to them. All customers have the opportunity to perform all activities.


From the collection in the last hotel of each of the routes are estimated between 50 and 55 minutes for arrival at La Hacienda. It is a full day excursion, in which the client makes multiple excursions in optimal conditions and has a general vision of the Dominican rural environment.

Development of activities, La Hacienda.

Polaris Buggys (40-45 minutes)

An exciting journey in the wildest environment aboard Buggys Polaris, designed to be used in the most extreme conditions. A stop is made in the crystalline waters of the Anamuya river, where clients can take a refreshing swim.

Horseback Riding (40-45 minutes)

It crosses the wild environment of Anamuya and several streams riding on the best horses of the Dominican Republic. Spanish horses, Appaloosa and Quarter of a mile, which receive the best care and are always in excellent condition.

Safari (40-45 minutes)

Know the reality of the Dominican Republic in a US Army truck, visit coffee plantations, cocoa plantations and sugarcane, visit a Dominican town and know the lifestyle of local populations, enjoying their typical products.


Zipline (60-65 minutes)

5 spectacular Zipline lines, crossing two mountains and descending through a spectacular valley. You will have the opportunity to try the longest zipline in the Caribbean, with more than one kilometer in length, the highest on the island, with a drop of 200 meters from the highest point and one of the fastest, exceeding 70 kilometers by hour.

Quick Jump (5 minutes)

Once you finish the fifth zipline you will have the opportunity to go down through our Quick Jump, with a jump to the void from more than 20 meters of altitude. For those who do not dare with this experience, we offer to descend through a staircase

Chair lift (15 minutes)

Unique in the country. The first chairlift in the Dominican Republic that will allow customers to travel from the base to the top of the mountain and enjoy the incredible views of the jungle environment of Anamuya and the Caribbean Sea. The descent can be done by this same means or once above start the Zipline

100% Dominican buffet

We offer an exceptional buffet where customers can taste the typical cuisine of the country. Cream of Auyama, Sancocho, fish in Coconut sauce or rice with milk, are some of the products, cooked with the highest quality and the best raw materials, that all customers can taste.


  • Transfers hotel – La Hacienda – Hotel accompanied by a guide
  • Realization of all the activities of the park
  • First level security materials
  • Tasting of typical products (coffee, chocolate, sugar cane …)
  • Drinking water during the whole excursion
  • Traditional buffet of Dominican food (drinks are not included)

Security and Recommendations

  • The use of comfortable shoes is recommended
  • Bring change clothes
  • Bring a swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Money
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses

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