Are you planning a trip to Catalina Island from Punta Cana? With breathtaking views and plenty of activities to enjoy, travelers revel in this Caribbean paradise. In this guide, we’ll show you the best way to get from Punta Cana to Catalina Island so you can start planning your dream getaway today.



What are the attractions for visitors to Catalina Island?

From its quiet beaches to its rich history and local wildlife, Catalina Island has a wealth of visitor attractions. Snorkel amid vibrant coral reefs, explore exotic ecosystems, or take in breathtaking views from the many hiking trails. And don’t miss out on deep sea fishing – it’s an experience you’ll never forget!


How to get to Catalina Island from Punta Cana

The best way to get to Catalina Island from Punta Cana is through one of our excursion packages which you can book on our website, these packages include transfers from any hotel or place in Punta Cana, it is a full day excursion where you can enjoy drinks, lunch and the catamaran ride to the island.


Activities to do on the island

From romantic getaways to family adventures, there is something for everyone on Catalina Island. Relax in the sun on some of the island’s famous white-sand beaches or explore the vibrant coral reefs on a snorkeling tour. Take a boat ride and see the sights from a different point of view or go deep sea fishing and spot exotic fish and other marine life. If you want to stay active during your visit.


Tips for planning a perfect trip to Catalina island from Punta Cana

Start your adventure in Punta Cana by booking one of our excursions. Once you have reached the island, you will board a boat that will take you to the island. For an unforgettable experience, on this tour you will enjoy snorkeling to see the vibrant coral reefs in all their splendor and take great pictures. Finally, you will return to the port of departure in a speedy boat that will take your breath away.


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